Back Pain

We are Experts in Back Pain (and Sciatica)

Our physiotherapist specializes in treatment of upper and lower back pain. Our methods of treatment are hands-on, safe and efficient.
All of our physiotherapists are trained in the McKenzie Method.
Whether it is years of ongoing pain or sharp acute back spasms, we can help!

We specialize in treatment of acute and chronic back pain that just won’t go away. Get rid of your pain for good!

Sciatica is characterized by a pinched nerve creating pain referring to buttocks and/or down the leg.

Scientifically Proven Method for its effectiveness in recovery of chronic pain in the Back and Neck.

A common cause of back pain comes from disk bulges or herniations. It is often something treatable in PT.

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    Research Proven Treatment for Low Back Pain

    A recent study reviewed more than 1000 research papers and found that the McKenzie Method is “superior to other rehabilitation interventions for reducing pain and disability” for patients with chronic low back pain.

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