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Hey Ottawa! Ever woken up one day, taking that first step and OUCH, feeling sharp pain in the heel? plantar fasciaYou mostly likely have plantar fasciitis (or maybe just stepped on something sharp). The plantar fascia is a thick strong band right on the bottom of the foot, starting from the toes and attaches to the heel. Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of this band. Pain in the arch of the foot can also mean plantar fasciitis.

Other than the ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis is the most common foot condition I treat in my physiotherapy clinic in Barrhaven.

Now! You might be asking yourself: what irritated my plantar fascia? Here are some common causes of plantar fasciitis.


Plantar fasciitis is often triggered when a person started wearing a new or different footwear that they are used to, or have suddenly increased activity level that involves impact/prolonged weight bearing on their feet (ie. gone out for a long walk on a trip, started to pick up running or gym classes, etc.). Other factors that can influence this condition include increase in body weight or having flat feet.


Flat Arch plantar fasciitis

Some of the other causes for plantar fasciitis can involve:

  • Weak hip and/or foot muscles
  • Tightness of the calf muscles
  • Stiffness of the ankle and foot joints


Physiotherapy is very effective in treatment of plantar fasciitis and heel pain. We assess the body as a whole, and find out the exact root cause of why you might have developed your pain. Our treatment techniques involves:

  • Muscles release
  • Manual Therapy involving mobilizing the joints of the foot and/or other joints involved
  • Strengthening and stretching exercises
  • Acupuncture
  • Dry needling
  • Taping
  • Orthotics


About the Author:

Lily ZhangLily Zhang is a registered physiotherapist with training specializing in the McKenzie Method.  She graduated from McGill University and is currently working in Barrhaven (Ottawa, ON). She has over 10 years of professional training/clinical experience in orthopedic physiotherapy.  You can Follow Her Blog @PhysioVive Facebook Page.


  1. Elaine Langdon

    I developed pain in both feet in June 2019. I was walking in the mall & this struck me suddenly. it was not too bad for a few days & then became continually worse. I’ve had it ever since. Regular Drs just don’t know what it is & I had no luck with finding a Dr who understood. I was seeing a chiropractor . He didn’t have much to say about the situation.
    I was seeing a chiropodist who was looking after both feet where I had just developed calluses. I still see him & he still looks after the calluses.
    I continued along waiting for some help from someone but I never found any help. I then saw an ad for Ottawa foot clinic. He charged $100. per visit. he then decided he would make me orthotics. it took 1 month. This was in May 2022 it took 1 month to have these orthotics made. I was told to wear the orthotics 1/2 hr the 1st day; 1 hr the 2nd day; 3rd day i wore them 1 1/2 hrs & by the end of that day I was in pain from toes to heels. I could not wear them after that & so I never bothered.

    1. Lily Zhang

      Hey Elaine! I’m sorry that you are dealing with this foot pain for so long =(. There are many causes to the pain and sometimes it could be misdiagnosed. Plantar Faciitis is the most common one if your pain in on the bottom of the foot. A referred pain from a low back issue is also a possibility. Since you are in Ottawa, give us a call! We can assess your foot and help with finding out the cause to your pain and work on getting rid of it =). 613-440-8483 or you can email us at info@physiovive.com. Hope to hear from you!

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