Sciatica Pain Relief

We Specialize in Sciatica

Our physiotherapists at PhysioVive specializes in treatment of Sciatica and other back related problems.

If you live in the Ottawa or Barrhaven region, we can help!
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Sciatica is just a SYMPTOM

Sciatica, described as pain in the buttocks and leg, is just the symptom of a pinched nerve called the Sciatic Nerve.


What Causes Sciatica?

The two most common cause is a pinched nerve at one of these two spots:

At the Back

At the Gluts

How Do I Get Rid of Sciatica?

Physiotherapy is a very effective way to get rid of sciatica.
It is what most physicians in Ottawa will recommend in terms of treatment for sciatica.
We can pinpoint the cause of your pain and tailor our treatment to specifically target the source.

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